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Physics - I

Physics - I

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    PH 101

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  • Physics - I

    PH101 Physics I (2-1-0-6)

    Prerequisite: Nil

    Calculus of variation: Fermats principle, Principle of least action, Euler-Lagrange equations and its applications.

    Lagrangian mechanics: Degrees of freedom, Constraints and constraint forces, generalized coordinates, Lagrange's equations of motion, Generalized momentum, Ignorable coordinates, Symmetry and conservation laws, Lagrange multipliers and constraint forces.

    Hamiltonian mechanics: Concept of phase space, Hamiltonian, Hamilton's equations

    of motion and applications.

    Special Theory of Relativity: Postulates of STR. Galilean transformation. Lorentz transformation. Simultaneity. Length Contraction. Time dilation. Relativistic addition of

    velocities. Energy momentum relationships.

    Quantum Mechanics: Two-slit experiment. De Broglie's hypothesis. Uncertainty Principle, wave function and wave packets, phase and group velocities. Schrodinger Equation.

    Probabilities and Normalization. Expectation values. Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.

    Applications in one dimension: Infinite potential well and energy quantization. Finite

    square well, potential steps and barriers - notion of tunnelling, Harmonic oscillator problem zero-point energy, ground state wavefunction and the stationary states.


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