Numerical Prediction of Industrial Fluid Flows

Numerical Prediction of Industrial Fluid Flows

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    ME 647

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  • Numerical Prediction of Industrial Fluid Flows

    Introduction. What is a prediction method? Brief Outlines of Industrial applications, Importance of a prediction method, Mathematical description of flow problems; Discretisation methods in primitive variables, Diffusion and Convection, Various Upwind schemes, Generalized formulation, False Diffusion; Calculation of the flow field- The SIMPLE algorithm- Staggered grid, Momentum equation, Pressure and Velocity correction, Pressure correction equation, Sequence of operation, Discussion of the pressure correction equation, The relative nature of pressure, A revised algorithm: SIMPLER; Turbulence modelling- Introduction, Closure problem, Algebraic models, Application to the free shear flows and wall bounded flows. Turbulence energy equation models-One equation model, two equations model, low-Reynolds numbers effects, Second order closure models-Direct numerical and large eddy simulations; Mini Project on numerical solution of practical problems.


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