Nonlinear Vibrations

Nonlinear Vibrations

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    ME 613

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  • Nonlinear Vibrations

    Mechanical Vibrations Dynamics of conservative and non-conservative systems; Phase planes, fixed points; Local and global stability, Lyapunov theory; Analytical solution methods: Harmonic balance, equivalent linearization, perturbation techniques (Linstedt- Poincare, Multiple Scales, Averaging – Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolsky); Damping mechanisms; self-excited systems, Van der Pol’s oscillator. Forced oscillations of SDOF systems, Duffing’s oscillator; primary-, secondary-, and multiple- resonances; period- multiplying bifurcations; Poincare’ maps, point attractors, limit cycles and their numerical computation, strange attractors and chaos; Types of bifurcations, Lyapunov exponents and their determination, fractal dimension. Parametric excitations, Floquet theory, Mathieu’s and Hill’s equations; effects of damping and nonlinearity; MDOF systems, solvability conditions, internal (autoparametric) resonances; Hopf bifurcation and panel flutter example. Application to continuous systems.


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