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    ME 686

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  • Micro-manufacturing

    Introduction to micro-manufacturing:definition, need/importance, applications. Size effect. Classification of micro-manufacturing processes. Micro-machining processes: molecular dynamics at atomistic scale, diamond micro-machining and grinding, ultrasonic micro- machining, micro-EDM, laser beam micro-machining, micro-ECM, electron beam micro- machining, focused ion-beam techniques, abrasive micro-finishing techniques. Micro- forming techniques: laser micro-bending, micro-deep drawing and micro-extrusion. Micro- welding and joining techniques. Micro-fabrication using deposition techniques such as epitaxial, sputtering, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques and Lithography (LIGA) based techniques. Sensors and actuators for micro-manufacturing. Metrology for micro- manufacturing. Introduction to nano-scale manufacturing.


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