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    ME 645

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  • Mechatronics

    Introduction: Definition of Mechatronics, Mechatronics in manufacturing, Products, and design. Comparison between Traditional and Mechatronics approach. Electronics: Review of fundamental of lectronics. Data conversion devices, sensors, microsensors, transducers, electrical contacts, actuators, and switches, contactless input devices, signal processing devices; relays, contactors, timers, output devices. Microprocessors and controllers. Drives: Stepper motors, servo drives. Mechanical: Ball screws, linear motion bearings, cams, systems controlled by camshafts, indexing mechanisms, hoppers, magazines, Chutes, transfer systems. Typical Mechatronics systems. Hydraulics: Hydraulic elements, walls, actuators, and various other elements. Hydraulic powder packs, pumps. Design of hydraulic circuits. Pneumatics: production, distribution and conditioning of compressed air. System components and graphic representations. Various types of controllers. Design and fabrication of Mechatronics systems.


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