Gas Dynamics

Gas Dynamics

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    ME 553

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  • Gas Dynamics

    ME 553 Gas Dynamics (3-0-0-6)

    Concepts from thermodynamics; The basic equations of fluid motion; One-dimensional gas dynamics; Isentropic conditions, speed of sound, Mach number, area velocity relations, normal shock relations for a perfect gas, Fanno and Rayleigh flow, one-dimensional wave motion, the shock tube; Waves in supersonic flow: oblique shock waves, supersonic flow over a wedge, Mach lines, piston analogy, supersonic compression by turning, supersonic expansion by turning, the Prandtl-Meyer function, reflection and intersection of oblique shocks, Mach reflection, shock expansion theory, thin aerofoil theory; Flow in ducts and wind tunnels: area relation, nozzle flow, normal shock recovery, effects of second throat, wind tunnel pressure ratio, supersonic wind tunnels; Small perturbation theory; The method of characteristics; Methods of measurement; Elements of hypersonic flow


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