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    ME 551

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  • Aerodynamics

    ME 551 Aerodynamics (3-0-0-6)

    Aerodynamic forces and moments; continuity, momentum and energy equations; Inviscid incompressible flow – incompressible flow in a low speed wind tunnel, source and doublet flows, nonlifting flow over a circular cylinder, Kutta-Joukowski theorem; Incompressible flow over airfoils and finite wings – Kutta condition, Kelvin’s circulation theorem, Biot-Savart law, Helmholtz vortex theorem, Prandtle’s classical lift ing line theory; Thin aerofoil theory; Three dimensional source and doublet; Equations of viscous flow; Laminar and turbulent boundary layers; Panel methods in aerodynamics, Unsteady incompressible potential flow - sudden acceleration of a flat plate; Unsteady motion of two-dimensional thin airfoil.


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