Numerical Analysis

Numerical Analysis

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    ME 542

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  • Numerical Analysis

    ME 542 Numerical Analysis (2-0-2-6)

    Introduction to numerical analysis, Significant digits, Types of errors; Stability; Accuracy; Solutions of Linear Algebraic Equations: Direct elimination methods, Pitfalls of elimination methods, Norm and condition number; Iterative methods, Accuracy and convergence of iterative methods; Solution of Eigenvalue Problems; Solutions of Nonlinear Equations: Newton’s method, System of nonlinear equations, Convergence and Error analysis; Interpolation: Lagrange polynomials, Divided difference polynomials, Hermite and cubic spline interpolation, Least square approximation; Numerical Differentiation – Unequally spaced data and Equally spaced data, Error estimation and extrapolation; Numerical quadrature – Newton-Cotes, Gauss quadrature, Multiple integrals; Initial and boundary value problems – Classification of ODEs, One step methods, Convergence and numerical stability analysis, Solution of higher order equations, Multistep methods, Convergence and stability analysis.

    Laboratory component: The lab is intended to be a platform for students to get used to scientific computing. Strong emphasis is laid on computer programming and the student is expected to write his own programs/codes for prototypical mathematical problems which will have real--life applications in the area of computational mechanics.


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