Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Advanced Mechanics of Solids

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    ME 530

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  • Advanced Mechanics of Solids

    ME 530 Advanced Mechanics of Solids (3-0-0-6)

    Analysis of Stresses and Strains in rectangular and polar coordinates: Cauchy’s formula, Principal stresses and principal strains, 3D Mohr’s Circle, Octahedral Stresses, Hydrostatic and deviatoric stress, Differential equations of equilibrium, Plane stress and plane strain, compatibility conditions. Introduction to curvilinear coordinates. Generalized Hooke’s law and theories of failure. Energy Methods. Bending of symmetric and unsymmetric straight beams, effect of shear stresses, Curved beams, Shear center and shear flow, shear stresses in thin walled sections, thick curved bars. Torsion of prismatic solid sections, thin walled sections, circular, rectangular and elliptical bars, membrane analogy. Thick and thin walled cylinders, Composite tubes, Rotating disks and cylinders. Euler’s buckling load, Beam Column equations. Strain measurement techniques using strain gages, characteristics, instrumentations, principles of photo-elasticity.


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