Advanced Thermodynamics

Advanced Thermodynamics

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    ME 523

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  • Advanced Thermodynamics

    ME 523 Advanced Thermodynamics (3-0-0-6)

    Review of basic thermodynamics: First & Second laws, Concept of entropy and entropy generation, Entropy balance for closed & open systems; Concept of exergy & irreversibility, Exergy analyses of open and closed system

    Thermodynamic property relations: Maxwell relations; Relations involving enthalpy, internal energy and entropy; Mayer relation, Clausius-Clapeyron equation, Joule-Thompson experiment.

    Properties of gas mixtures: Multi-component and multi-phase systems, Equations of states and properties of ideal and real gas mixtures, Change in entropy in mixing.

    Irreversible thermodynamics: Finite time thermodynamic principle, Optimization of various thermodynamic systems, Principles of entropy generation minimization.

    Thermodynamics of reactive systems: Combustion and thermochemistry, Reactant and product mixtures, Adiabatic flame temperature, Chemical equilibrium, Equilibrium products of combustion.

    Chemical Kinetics: Global versus elementary reactions, Elementary reaction rates, Rates of reaction for multistep mechanisms.

    Flames: Types of flames, Simplified analyses of premixed & diffusion flames, Factors influencing flame velocity and thickness, Quenching, flammability and ignition, Flame stabilization.


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