Applied Thermodynamics

Applied Thermodynamics

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    ME 321

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  • Applied Thermodynamics

    Pre-requisite: Thermodynamics

    Steam Power Plant – Reheat, regenerative steam power cycles, low temperature power cycles, ideal working fluid and binary/multi-fluid cycles; Types of boilers and their attachments, Steam Turbine types and analysis using velocity triangles, Properties of moist air: psychrometry and psychrometric charts, condensers and cooling towers; IC Engines – SI, CI, two- and four-stroke engines, MEP, efficiency and specific fuel consumption, conventional and alternative fuels, pressure-crank angle diagram, carburettor and fuel injection systems; Gas Turbine Engines – Types of gas turbine engines, reheat, intercooling and regenerative cycles, combined cycles, introduction to jet propulsion; Compressors and Turbines – Reciprocating air compressors: work transfer, volumetric efficiency, isothermal efficiency, multistage compression with intercooling, centrifugal compressor, axial flow compressors, axial flow turbines.

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