Manufacturing Technology - II

Manufacturing Technology - II

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    ME 312

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  • Manufacturing Technology - II

    Metal cutting: mechanics, tools (geometry: single and multi-point, nomenclature and tool signature, material, temperature, wear, and life considerations), chip formation; cutting fluids and surface finish; economics of machining; Machine tool: Generation and machining principles; Basic machining operations: lathe, milling, shaping, drilling, boring, grinding (cylindrical, surface, centreless), thread cutting, gear cutting; CNC machines; Finishing: microfinishing (honing, lapping), nano-finishing; Unconventional methods: electro-chemical, electro-discharge, ultrasonic, LASER, electron beam, water jet machining etc.; Tooling: Jigs and fixtures, principles of location and clamping; Rapid manufacturing and rapid tooling; Basic concepts of CAD/CAM and CAPP.

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