Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

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    ME 101

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  • Engineering Mechanics

    ME101 Engineering Mechanics (3-1-0-8)

    Prerequisite: Nil

    Equivalent Force Systems: concentrated and distributed force systems, simplest resultant (wrench), centre of pressure, centroid, and centre of gravity.

    Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies: free body diagram, reactions, equations of equilibrium,

    static indeterminacy.

    Analysis of Structures: analysis of trusses, method of joints and method of sections, analysis of frames and beams, shear force and bending moment, axial force and twisting moment.

    Friction: concept of friction, applications of friction to simple machines; rolling resistance.

    Virtual Work: principle of virtual work and its application to machines.

    Moment of Inertia: moments of inertia of simple and composite bodies, moments of inertia under transformation of axes, principle axes and principle moments of inertia, Mohr’s circle.

    Kinematics of Particles and Rigid Bodies: rectilinear motion, curvilinear motion, velocity and acceleration in cylindrical and path coordinate system, relative and constrained motion, rate of change of a vector in a rotating frame, three-dimensional motion of a particle relative to a rotating frame, rigid body kinematics.

    Kinetics of Systems of Particles and Rigid Bodies: linear and angular momentum of a system of particles and a rigid body, kinetic energy of a system of particle and a rigid body, linear and angular momentum principles, Euler equation of motion.

    Impact of Rigid Bodies: linear and angular impulse, impulse-momentum principle,

    work-energy principle, central and eccentric impacts.


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