Material Characterization Methods

Material Characterization Methods

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    ME 643

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  • Material Characterization Methods

    X-Ray Techniques: Elements of Crystallography, Principles of X-ray diffraction, X-ray equipment and data analysis; associated techniques in X-ray spectroscopy; Fundamentals of elementa analysis. Optical/Electron Microscopy Techniques: Specimen preparation techniques for optical and electron microscopy in metallurgy. Elements of phase identification, grain size determination, inclusion analysis, Image analysis, etc.. Electron diffraction, SEM, Failure analysis and fractography, EDAX / EPMA, data analysis. Neutron Scattering Techniques: Diffraction, inelastic scattering and reflectometry. Thermal Analysis: Principles and applications of thermal analysis; DTA, DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA, etc. Mechanical Property characterisation: Principles and chartacterisation techniques related to Tensile, compressive, hardness, fatigue, and fracture toughness properties. Deformation; Superplasticity.


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