Introduction to Composite Materials

Introduction to Composite Materials

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    ME 607

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  • Introduction to Composite Materials

    Introduction – classifications, terminologies, manufacturing processes (in brief). Macromechanical analysis of lamina – Hooke’s law for anisotropic, monoclinic, orthotropic, transversely isotropic and isotropic materials–2D Unidirectional and angle ply lamina – Strength theories of lamina. Micromechanical analysis of lamina –Volume and mass fraction, density and void content – Evaluation of Elastic modulii, Ultimate strength of unidirectional lamina. Macromechanical analysis of laminates – Laminate code, Stress strain relations – In- plane and Flexural modulus,Hygrothermal effects. Failure Analysis and Design – Special cases of laminates, symmetric, cross ply, angle ply and antisymmetric laminates, failure criteria and failure modes


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