Gas Turbine Theory

Gas Turbine Theory

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    ME 650

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  • Gas Turbine Theory

    General Considerations of Turbomachinery: Classification; Euler’s Equation for Turbomachinery; Velocity triangle; Cascade analysis & nomenclature. Shaft Power & Aircraft Propulsion Cycles. Centrifugal Compressors: Workdone and pressure rise; Slip; Compressibility effects; Compressor characteristics. Axial Flow Compressors: Stage pressure rise; Blockage in compressor annulus; Degree of reaction; 3-D flow; Stage performance; h-s diagram & efficiency; Off design performance; Performance characteristics; Design process. Combustion System. Axial Flow Turbines: Stage performance; Degree of reaction; h-s diagram & efficiency; Vortex theory; Overall turbine performance; Performance characteristics; Blade cooling; Design process. Prediction of performance of simple gas turbines; Off Design performance; Gas turbine blade materials; Matching procedure.


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