Fracture, Fatigue and Failure Analysis

Fracture, Fatigue and Failure Analysis

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    ME 605

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  • Fracture, Fatigue and Failure Analysis

    Griffith’s theory of brittle failures; Irwin’s stress intensity factors; Linear elastic fracture mechanics: The stress analysis of crack tips, Macroscopic theories in crack extension, Instability and R-curves, Crack tip plasticity, K as a failure criterion, Mixed mode of fracture, Analytical and Experimental methods of determining K; Elastic plastic fracture mechanics: Crack tip opening displacement, J Integrals, Crack growth resistance curves, Crack tip constraint under large scale yielding, creep crack growth; Microscopic theories of fracture: Ductile and cleavage fracture, ductile-brittle transition, inter-granular fracture; Fatigue crack propagation: Fatigue crack growth theories, crack closure, Microscopic theories of fatigue crack growth; Application of theories of fracture mechanics in design and materials development


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