Experimental Method

Experimental Method

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    ME 680

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  • Experimental Method

    Theory and Experimentation in Engineering: Problem solving approaches, Types of engineering experiments, computer simulation and physical experimentation; Generalized measuring system, types of inputs, analog and digital signals, standards, calibration and uncertainty, Measurement System: Performance characteristics, static performance characteristics-static calibration-linearity, static sensitivity, repeatability, hysteresis- threshold- resolution, readability and span; Analysis of Experimental Data : Causes and types of experimental error, un-certainty analysis, statistical analysis of data, probability distributions and curve fitting; Dynamic performance characteristics; Input types; Instrument types- zero order instrument, first order instrument, second order instrument; Experiment Plans: Model building; Measurement Methods and Applications : Measurement of force and torque; Measurement of strain and stress; Measurement of pressure; Flow measurement and flow visualization; measurement of temperature; optical methods of measurements; Data Acquisition and Processing : Types and configurations of DAS, signal conditioning, A/D, D/A conversion; Design, Planning, Execution and Analysis of experimental projects


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