• Course code

    ME 693

  • L-T-P-C


  • Syllabus


  • Eligible Programmes


  • Electromechanics

    Prerequisites: Mechanical Vibrations, Basics of Electrical Machines, Solid Mechanics


    Introduction to electromagnetics: Maxwell’s Equations, Magnetic Circuits and Induction, Principles of electromechanical energy conversion; Introduction to Rotating Machines: Types of electrical machines, generalized theory of electrical machines, Reference frame theory, space vector formulation; Unbalanced Magnetic Pull: definition, cause, effect and remedies, different winding scheme to reduce unbalanced magnetic pull; Magnetic Bearings: introduction, principles of magnetic suspension, mathematical modeling, hardware components which includes power amplifiers, sensors, actuators, controllers; Self-bearing machine: Basic principles, different methods of producing controllable force, introduction to self-bearing machine and control techniques; Finite element analysis of electromechanical devices: Solution of Laplace’s and Poisson’s equation, coupled circuit equation and field equation; Coupled rotordynamics combining electrical dynamics and mechanical dynamics: Coupled dynamics of electrical machines, dynamics and control of rotors on magnetic bearings; System fault analysis using electromechanical devices; Magnetostriction.


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