Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing

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    ME 608

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  • Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing

    Introduction and components of Computer aided design (CAD)/Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)/Computer aided engineering (CAE) systems; Basic concepts of graphics programming; Transformation matrix; Rendering; Graphical user interface; Computer aided drafting systems; Geometric modeling systems – wireframe, surface and solid modeling systems; Nonmanifold systems; Assembly and web-based modeling systems; Representation and manipulation of conic sections; Hermite, Bezier, and B-spline curves and surfaces; Introduction to optimization; CAD/CAM integration; Numerical control – Concepts for manual and computer assisted part programming; Virtual engineering – components and applications; Extensive laboratory work on CAD (Solid modeling software), CAM (manufacturing software), and CAE (Finite element analysis software)


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