Advanced Welding Processes

Advanced Welding Processes

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    ME 675

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  • Advanced Welding Processes

    Introduction to advanced welding processes; microjoining and nanojoining, wire bonding; fundamentals and types of laser welding including hybrid processes, Laser properties; Stud welding and mechanical fasteners; Magnetically impelled arc welding; advanced gas tungsten arc welding; flux cored arc welding; electron beam welding; pressure welding; ultrasonic welding; explosive welding; diffusion bonding; friction stir welding; electromagnetic pulse welding; high velocity projectile impact welding; fundamentals of welding automation, welding sensors and data acquisition; welding process modeling and optimization; computational welding mechanics for thermo mechanical and microstructural phenomenon; principles of robotic welding; weld distortion and defects - causes and remedies; residual stresses; inspection and testing of weldments.


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