Advanced Machining Processes

Advanced Machining Processes

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    ME 688

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  • Advanced Machining Processes

    General classification of unconventional machining processes; Abrasive jet machining, water jet and abrasive water jet machining, ultrasonic machining; Electric discharge machining and allied processes, laser beam machining, ion beam machining, plasma arc machining; Electro chemical machining (ECM) and allied processes, ECM tool design, chemical machining, photochemical machining; Elastic emission machining; Advanced finishing processes, abrasive flow finishing, magnetic abrasive finishing, magnetorheological finishing, chemo- mechanical polishing; Comparative evaluation of different unconventional machining processes; Analytical modeling of mechanical, thermal and electrochemical type non- traditional machining processes; Numerical modeling and simulation of unconventional machining processes; Computer aided process planning of non-traditional machining processes.


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