Frequently Asked Questions
  1. The academic transcript of a student is issued by the Academic Affairs Section, IIT Guwahati. Detail procedure to apply transcript for the continuing and pass out student
  2. The Bonafide Certificate is issued by the Students’ Affairs Section, IIT Guwahati. For opening bank account, to get sim connection or any other official issues, the students may need this certificate. Apply Bonafide Certificate
  3. The Passport related certificates are also issued by the Students’ Affairs, IIT Guwahati. For apply Indian Passport the students may need these certificates. Apply Passport Related Certificates
  4. For any hostel related query, the students may write email to Hostel Affairs Board, IIT Guwahati. Email to
  5. Institute has two Guest Houses. The students may book guest house room for their visitors. The recommendation is done by Students' Affairs Section, IIT Guwahati. Guest House booking Form
  6. For any Academic Affairs related Form
  7. For any Student Affairs related Form

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