• An IIT is meant not only to shape up the student academically, but to mould a complete personality out of him. IIT Guwahati provides all opportunities to fulfil these needs.
  • IIT Guwahati have 11 boys’ hostels namely, Barak, Brahmaputra, Dibang, Dihing, Disang, Kapili, Kameng, Lohit, Manas, Siang, Umiam and 2 girls’ hostels namely Subansiri and Dhansiri, and a Married Scholar’s hostel, to accommodate large number of students coming over from different corners of the nation and abroad.
  • All hostels are equipped with necessary modern facilities. Spacious and mostly single occupancy based comfortable rooms with windows opening into a balcony are in place, where the student can comfort oneself and utilize the ideal ambience of IIT Guwahati. Facilities like purified drinking water supply and washing machines are provided.
  • All the hostels provide sufficient scope for interaction and relationship-building, which gives the new students an opportunity to know their seniors, learn from them and leverage their knowledge. They can excel during their examinations and placements using the valuable advice of their seniors. There are self-sufficient units inside the hostels having regular amenities i.e. Common T.V. Halls, fully equipped sports room, conference halls, guest rooms, dinning halls, canteens, juice centres, stationery shops and courts for various sports. A reading room comprising of the latest magazines, daily newspapers and a lots of books from popular authors is also available to boost up the recreational opportunities of the residents.
  • Each room of the hostels are connected to the Institute LAN (Local Area Network) from where students can access intranet and internet facilities provided by the Institute.
  • Each hostel has a life and culture of its own. There are inter-hostel sports, cultural and technical competitions where the unity of every hostel comes out at its brightest. Throughout the year many festivals are celebrated in the hostels, through serving delicious and sumptuous feasts in the mess or through community activities like bursting crackers and flying kites.