Presenter Instructions

Oral Presentation

  • Each oral presentation is allocated a total of 20 minutes,inclusive of time for Q&A.
  • Prepare for a 15-17 minute talk and leave 2-3 minutes for Q&A and time to transition to the next speaker.
  • Speakers may bring their own laptop.
  • The projector will be standard resolution with a VGA connection.

Poster Presentation

  • Posters can be up to A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) in portrait mode.
  • Poster presenters should stand by their poster during their session to talk with attendees.
  • If poster presenters would like a small table for demos, do let us know, we will try to arrange for this.
  • Each poster presenters will be given a 30 second Poster Fast Forward session (Refer the section below for more details).

Poster Fast Forward

ICVGIP will have a poster fast forward session where authors of each paper, that has been accepted as a poster, will be allowed to talk briefly about their work supported by two content slides provided by them. The details for this short presentation are as follows:

  • Presentations will be total of two slides.
  • First slide will be a title slide in a fixed format, provided here
  • Second slide will contain material that the authors wish to present.
  • The title slide will be read out by the chair introducing the paper while the authors switch.
  • The time for presenting the two content slides is 30 seconds.

NOTE : The authors will not have access to the computer presenting the slides. In particular, when the assigned 30 seconds get over, the display will switch to the title slide of the next presentation. Kindly prepare the short talk in advance and rehearse to stay on time.

  • Deadline for sending the slides : 12 December 2016, 11:59 IST
  • Slides : Title in fixed template + 1 slide content
  • Mode of sending : send the presentation as mail attachment to with subject “Poster Fast Forward Slides for Paper id ABCD” where ABCD is your paper ID
  • Format of the slides : The preferred format is PDF, any other format will be converted to PDF for presentation.

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