Accepted Papers|Technical Program
Regular Paper
Paper-NoAuthors NameTitle of the Paper
14Arne Swinnen, Raoul Strackx, Pieter Philippaerts and Frank PiessensProtoLeaks: A Reliable and Protocol-Independent Network Covert Channel
17Rakesh Matam and Tripathy SomanathDefence against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks
27Ruchira Naskar and Rajat Subhra ChakrabortyFuzzy Inference Rule based Reversible Watermarking for Digital Images
39Soumya Maity and Soumya GhoshA Cognitive Trust Model for Access Control Framework in MANET
46Amparo Fuster-Sabater and Alberto PeinadoCryptographic analysis of a type of sequence generators
50Chaitrali Amrutkar, Kapil Singh and Patrick TraynorVulnerableMe: Measuring Systemic Weaknesses in Mobile Browser Security
52Girish Chandra and Divakar YadavVerification of Money Atomicity in Digital Cash Based Payment System
54Doaa SalemTracking Insecure Information Flow: A Prototype Evaluator in ASF+SDF
55Khalifa Toumi, Cesar Andres and Ana CavalliTrust-OrBAC: A Trust Access Control Model in Multi-Organization Environments
56Anup Kumar Bhattacharya, Abhijit Das, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury, Arvind Iyer and Debojyoti BhattacharyaAutonomous Certification with List-based Revocation for Secure V2V Communication
59Sarita Agrawal, Rodrigo Roman, Manik Lal Das, Anish Mathuria and Javier Lopez
A Novel Key update Protocol in Mobile Sensor Networks
64David Lorenzi, Jaideep Vaidya, Emre Uzun, Shamik Sural and Vijay Atluri
Attacking Image based CAPTCHAs using Image Recognition Techniques
66Y.Sreenivasa Rao and Ratna DuttaComputationally Efficient Secure Access Control for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
71Goutam Paul, Ian Davidson, Imon Mukherjee and S. S. RaviKeyless Steganography in Spatial Domain using Energetic Pixels
72Weihan Li, Brajendra Panda and Qussai YaseenMitigating Insider Threat on Database Integrity
77Khalid Bijon, Ram Krishnan and Ravi Sandhu Risk-Aware RBAC Sessions
78Soumyadev Maity and R. C. HansdahCertificate-Less on-demand Public Key Management (CLPKM) for Self-Organized MANETs
80Vivek Natarajan, Yi Yang and Sencun ZhuSecure Trust Metadata Management For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Short Paper
Paper-NoAuthors NameTitle of the Paper
38Jaydeep Howlader, Jayanta Kar and Ashis Kumar MalCoercion Resistant MIX for Electronic Auction
53Andres Ojamaa and Karl DüünaSecurity Assessment of Node.js Platform
76Simin Ghasemi, Morteza Noferesti, Mohammad Ali Hadavi, Sadegh Dorri Nogoorani and Rasool JaliliCorrectness Verification in Database Outsourcing: A Trust Based Fake Tuples Approach