Vishaka Gulati
Development Studies
Thesis title: Institutional and Power Mapping of Brahmaputra River Basin
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■ Research Interests:
Water governance, transboundary river management

■ Publication:
  1. Arundhati Deka, Vishaka Gulati, Anamika Barua. 2019. Transboundary Water Sharing Issues in International and National Perspective. Water Governance and Management in India. Springer
  2. Vishaka Gulati, Arundhati Deka, Safa Fanain, Sumit Vij, Anamika Barua. 2017. Building bridges through dialogue for the Brahmaputra River Basin. China and Transboundary Water Politics In Asia. Routledge
■ Supervisor:
Anamika Barua

■ Awards: