Prasad Khanolkar 

Prasad Khanolkar 

Assistant Professor 
Education: PhD in Geography and Planning, and South Asian Studies
+91 361 2582587
Room No: NA

Research Interests: Politics of Urbanization in South Asia; Urban Housing and Slum Settlements; Social Lives of Infrastructure; Urban Land Markets; Spaces of Finance Capital; Urban Informal Economies; Urban Commons and Emerging Collectivities; Urban Theory and Methods; Cinema and City; Religion and Urban Space; South Asian Studies; Critical Theory; Urban Ethnography.

Journal Publications

1. Mariana Valverde, Bethamehi Joy Syiem, Shivangi Mishra and Prasad Khanolkar, "Local governance, national agendas, and transnational corporation: India’s 100 Smart Cities Mission", National Law School of India Review, vol.33, Issue no.2, pp.255-277 [2022]

2. Prasad Khanolkar, "Plays of Urban Flux", Indian Journal of Human Development, vol.14, Issue no.1, pp.136-139 [2020],

3. Khanolkar Prasad, "Yahaan Phaltu Bethna Sakht Mana Hai: Idling, Storytelling and Planning", Urbanisation, Sage, vol.3, Issue no.2, pp.1-16 [2019],

4. Khanolkar Prasad, "Review: NO ONE WILL LET HER LIVE", Pacific Affairs, UBC, vol.91, Issue no.3, pp.628-630 [2018]

Book Chapter

1. Prasad Khanolkar, "“Mehmoodbhai”" , Bombay Brokers , Duke University Press, Durham, UK , [2021]


1. Prasad Khanolkar, "Passages of Play in Urban India", Routledge, UK [2022],

2. Rupali Gupte, Prasad Shetty, Prasad Khanolkar, Gurgaon Glossaries, CRIT, Mumbai [2012],'terms'%20to,emerged%20in%20the%20settling%20process.


Waste-Work, Caste Stigma and Urban Precarity: Empirical evidences from Guwahati and Mumbai in India
Funding Agency : ICSSR-IMPRESS
Principal Investigator: Rahul Sakpal
Co-investigator: Prasad Khanolkar and Daksha Parmar
Duration/Starting Year: 2019-05-01 to 2020-12-31
Status: Ongoing

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Name of Conference: Guwahati, Through Different Times

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Guwahati Oct 25, 2019 National


Name of Art and Architecture Exhibitions: Urban Islands: Mumbai

International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam Sep 25, 2009 International View
Title: AUDI Urban Futures Initiative

Name of Art and Architecture Exhibitions: Being Nicely Messy

AUDI, Istanbul Oct 25, 2012 International
Title: Sarai Reader 09: A Satellite

Name of Art and Architecture Exhibitions: Gurgaon Glossaries

Devi Art Gallery, Gurugram Dec 1, 2012 International

Name of Art and Architecture Exhibitions: Gurgaon Glossaries

Tenth Sao Paolo Architecture Biennale, Sao Paolo Oct 12, 2012 International
Title: When is Space?

Name of Art and Architecture Exhibitions: Urban Porosities

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur Mar 28, 2018 National View


Name of Invited Lecture: Space, Knowledge and Power

School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai National View

Name of Invited Lecture: On Urban Excess and Playability

Indian Institute for Habitat Studies, Bangalore International View