Prasad Khanolkar
Assistant Professor
Contact: +91 361 258 2587

■ Research Interests:
Politics of Urbanization in South Asia; Urban Housing and Slum Settlements; Social Lives of Infrastructure; Urban Land Markets; Spaces of Finance Capital; Urban Informal Economies; Urban Commons and Emerging Collectivities; Urban Theory and Methods; Cinema and City; Religion and Urban Space; South Asian Studies; Critical Theory; Urban Ethnography.

■ Publication:
  1. Khanolkar Prasad. 2019. Yahaan Phaltu Bethna Sakht Mana Hai: Idling, Storytelling and Planning. Urbanisation. Sage
  2. Khanolkar Prasad. 2018. Review: NO ONE WILL LET HER LIVE. Pacific Affairs. UBC
■ Conference Proceedings:
    ■ Current Courses:
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    HS 151 Cities BTech
    ■ Projects:
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    ■ PhD Students:
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    ■ MA Development Studies Dissertation Supervised:
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    1 Milu Maria Jose 2020 Transformative Spaces: A Study on Grama Panchayats in Kerala