■ Research Interests:
Theoretical Phonology, Acoustic Phonetics and perception, Information Structure, Tone and intonation

■ Publication:
  1. Shakuntala Mahanta, Indranil Dutta. 2020. Prolegomena to a special volume on South Asian phonetics and phonology. Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics. Walter DeGruyter
  2. Prarthana Acharyya, Shakuntala Mahanta . 2019. Language vitality assessment of Deori: an endangered language.. Language Documentation and Conservation. University of Hawaii Press
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  4. Kalyan Das, Shakuntala Mahanta. 2018. Distribution of Lexical Tones in Boro. Himalayan Linguistics. University of Santa Barbara
  5. Shakuntala Mahanta, Amalesh Gope. 2018. Tonal polarity in Sylheti in the context of noun faithfulness. Language Sciences. Elsevier

■ Conference Proceedings:
  1. Priti Raychoudhury and Shakuntala Mahanta. 2020. The three way tonal system of Sylheti. Proceedings of Speech Prosody, Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Shakuntala Mahanta. 2019. Voiceless sonorants and lexical tone in Mog. Proceedings of ICPHS. IPA
  3. Shakuntala Mahanta, Somnath Roy. 2018. A hybrid approach to grapheme to phoneme conversion in Assamese . Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, INTERSPEECH. ISCA
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  5. Shakuntala Mahanta, Kalyan Das and Amalesh Gope. 2016. On the phonetics and Phonology of Focus marking in Boro. Proceedings of the Annual Meetings on Phonology, 2016. Linguistic Society of America Open Journal systems

■ Invited Lecture:
SI No. Name of Conference Title of Talk Name of Organizer/Institution Place Date Type
1 Intonational Phonology of Typologically Rare or Understudied Languages Intonationin Dimasa Melbourne University Melbourne 19 Aug 2004 International
■ Conference Organized:
SI No. Name of Conference Date Type
1 Workshop on Tone and Intonation (WTI 2016) 07 Jan - 08 Jan 2016 International
■ Awards and Achievements:
SI No. Name of Award Awarded By Date of Award Award Type
1 Fulbright for Academic and Professional Excellence USIEF 2015-2016 International
■ Current Courses:
Course No Course Title Level
EN 001 Preparatory English I BTech
HS 733 Issues in Phonological Theory PhD
HS 736 Approaches To Prosodic Structure PhD
■ Projects:
Duration Title Funding Agency
0000-0000 Digital preservation, analysis and technology development of the languages of Northeast India DeITy
■ PhD Students:
SI No. Student Name PhD Status Thesis Title
1 Prarthana Acharyya Completed
2 Amalesh Gope Completed
3 Kalyan Das Completed
4 Asim Twaha Completed

■ Non-HSS Students:
SI No. Name Affiliation PhD Status Thesis Title Co-Supervisor
1 Moumita Pakrashi CLST, IIT Guwahati Coursework Prof. Samudravijaya K>
■ MA Development Studies Dissertation Supervised:
SI No. Student Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Mohima Basumatary 2012 A Socio-linguistic Survey of Bodo Community