■ Research Interests:
Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology

■ Publication:
  1. Verma K, Kashyap N. 2020. False Memories for Semantic and Category Associates: Comparing Retrieval Stratgies and Retention Interval. Psychological Thought.
  2. Dhaka S, Kashyap N. 2019. Impulsivity and Reward Choice: Role of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation. Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.
  3. Kashyap N. 2019. Role of Post-Learning Sleep in the Recognition Memory for Faces and Scenes,. Sleep and Vigilance.
  4. Verma K, Kashyap N. 2019. Sleep Deprivation Enhances False Memory on the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) Task. Psychological Thought.
  5. Kashyap N. 2019. Sleep and Event Cued Prospective Memory: Exploring the Role of Cue Encodings. Sleep and Vigilance.

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    ■ Current Courses:
    Course No Course Title Level
    HS 128 Introduction to Psychology BTech
    HS 762 Advanced Cognitive Psychology PhD
    ■ Projects:
    Duration Title Funding Agency
    2010-2013 Effects of sleep on the strategies of route learning in virtual town environment in humans DST
    2001-2031 Emotional Cues and Prospective Memory: Evaulationg the role of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep DST
    ■ PhD Students:
    SI No. Student Name PhD Status Thesis Title
    1 Kedarmal Verma Completed Sleep modulated changes in retrieval of false memories
    2 Tulika Singh Completed A Study of Cue Characteristics on Prospective Memory: Exploring the Role of Sleep
    3 Suman Dhaka Completed Role of Sleep in Affect Regulated Decision Making Under Risk: An Event Related Potential Study

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