Anamika Barua
Contact: +91 361 258 2563
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■ Research Interests:
Climate Change and Water security, Ecological Footprint, Virtual Water flows through trade,Water governance including transboundary water governance

■ Publication:
  1. Anamika Barua, Arundhati Deka, Vishaka Gulati, Sumit Vij, Xiawei Liao and Halla Maher Qaddumi. 2019. Re-Interpreting Cooperation in Transboundary Waters: Bringing Experiences from the Brahmaputra Basin. Water. MDPI
  2. Anamika Barua, Rozemarijn ter Horst, Jenniver Sehring, Christian Bréthaut, Lena Salamé, Aaron Wolf, Barbara Janusz Pawletta, Emmanuel Manzungu and Alan Nicol. 2019. Universities’ partnership: the role of academic institutions in water cooperation and diplomacy. International journal of water resources development. Routledge
  3. Sumit Vij, Anshika John and Anamika Barua. 2019. Whose water? Whose profits? The role of informal water markets in groundwater depletion in peri-urban Hyderabad. Journal of Water Policy . International Water Association
  4. Arundhati Deka, Vishaka Gulati, Anamika Barua. 2019. Transboundary Water Sharing Issues in International and National Perspective . Water Governance and Management in India. Springer
  5. Anamika Barua. 2018. Water Diplomacy as an approach to regional cooperation in South Asia: A case from the Brahmaputra Basin. Journal of Hydrology. Science Direct

■ Conference Proceedings:
    ■ Conference Organized:
    SI No. Name of Conference Date Type
    1 The Brahmaputra River Symposium 25 Sep - 26 Sep 2017 International
    ■ Current Courses:
    Course No Course Title Level
    HS 427 Transboundary Waters: Conflict and Cooperation BTech
    ■ Projects:
    Duration Title Funding Agency
    2020-2021 Science communication in the Brahmaputra DUPC, IHE Delft, The Netherlands
    2020-2021 Open Water Lab Diplomacy DUPC, IHE Delft, The Netherlands
    2019-2019 Climate change and Manipur: Input to State Action Plan on Climate Change Govt. of Manipur
    2018-2020 Brahmaputra Dialogue Phase III The World Bank
    2018-2019 Climate Change Vulnerability mapping in the Indian Himalayan States Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)

    ■ PhD Students:
    SI No. Student Name PhD Status Thesis Title
    1 Bandana Khataniar Completed An empirical analysis of environmental consequences of economic growth in Asia
    2 Bhupen Mili Completed A Human Development Approach to Vulnerability Assessment: A Study based in East Sikkim
    3 Vishaka Gulati Dissertation Institutional and Power Mapping of Brahmaputra River Basin
    4 Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman Completed Waters of Conflict or Waters of Cooperation?: Geopolitics of Sino-Indian transboundary water management in the Yarlung Tsangpo and the Brahmaputra
    5 Suparana Katyaini Completed An Inter regional Virtual water flow in India
    6 Rachna Yadav Completed Entropy and Development process – linking them to develop sustainable development indicators
    7 Tanushree Baruah Dissertation

    ■ Non-HSS Students:
    SI No. Name Affiliation PhD Status Thesis Title Co-Supervisor
    1 Rupam Bhaduri Centre for Environment , Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Dissertation Climate Change in Brahmaputra Basin and Hydropower Decision Making Prof Arup Sarma
    ■ MA Development Studies Dissertation Supervised:
    SI No. Student Name Year Dissertation Title
    1 Bhupen Mili 2011 Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood-A Case Study in Majuli, Jorhat, Assam
    2 Manzil Gogoi 2011 Trend Analysis of Climate Change Parameters-A Case Study of North East India (Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim)
    3 Pronoy Rai 2011 Access to Drinking Water in Urban India- A Case Study of Guwahati City