■ Research Interests:
Climate Change and Water security, Ecological Footprint, Virtual Water flows through trade,Water governance including transboundary water governance

■ Publication:
  1. Anamika Barua. 2018. Water Diplomacy as an approach to regional cooperation in South Asia: A case from the Brahmaputra Basin. Journal of Hydrology. Science Direct
  2. Anamika Barua, Vishal Narain and Sumit Vij. 2018. Climate Change Governance and Adaptation : case studies from South Asia . CRC press . Taylor and Francis group
  3. Anamika Barua and Sumit Vij. 2018. Treaties can be a non-starter: a multi-track and multilateral dialogue approach in Brahmaputra Basin. Journal of Water Policy . International Water Association
  4. Anamika Barua . 2018. Talking with the Chinese on the Brahmaputra. The Third Pole. thethirdpole.net
  5. Sumit Vij and Anamika Barua . 2018. It’s all about power: the Brahmaputras’ in South Asia. Flows. IHE Delft Institute for water education, The Netherlands

■ Conference Proceedings:
    ■ Awards and Achievements:
    SI No. Name of Award Membership Award By Date of Award Award Type
    ■ Current Courses:
    Course No Course Title Level
    HS 414 Economics of Climate Change BTech
    ■ Projects:
    Duration Title Funding Agency
    2018-2020 Brahmaputra Dialogue Phase III The World Bank
    2017-2019 Climate Change Vulnerability mapping in the Indian Himalayan States Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)
    2016-2017 Brahmaputra Dialogue Phase II The World Bank
    2013-2014 Linnaeus Palme International Exchange Programme (Planning grant) SASNET – Swedish South Asian Studies Network
    2012-2014 Water and livelihood – assessing climate vulnerability and potential adaptive strategies for eastern himalayan region of India Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

    ■ PhD Students:
    SI No. Student Name PhD Status Thesis Title
    1 Bandana Khataniar Completed An empirical analysis of environmental consequences of economic growth in Asia
    2 Bhupen Mili Completed A Human Development Approach to Vulnerability Assessment: A Study based in East Sikkim
    3 Vishaka Gulati Dissertation Institutional and Power Mapping of Brahmaputra River Basin
    4 Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman Completed Waters of Conflict or Waters of Cooperation?: Geopolitics of Sino-Indian transboundary water management in the Yarlung Tsangpo and the Brahmaputra
    5 Suparana Katyini Completed An Inter regional Virtual water flow in India
    6 Rachna Yadav Completed Entropy and Development process – linking them to develop sustainable development indicators
    7 Tanushree Baruah Comprehensive
    ■ MA Development Studies Dissertation Supervised:
    SI No. Student Name Year Dissertation Title
    1 Bhupen Mili 2011 Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood-A Case Study in Majuli, Jorhat, Assam
    2 Manzil Gogoi 2011 Trend Analysis of Climate Change Parameters-A Case Study of North East India (Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim)
    3 Pronoy Rai 2011 Access to Drinking Water in Urban India- A Case Study of Guwahati City
    4 Abhishek Mazumdar 2012 A Case study of Tata?s CSR Implementation through Golden Eavers? Project in South Kamrup, Assam
    5 Anjan Chamua 2012 Climate Change and Tourism: A case study in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India
    6 Nilutpal Kashyap 2012 A study on Park-People Relationship of Manas National Park in Assam, India
    7 Rintu Chandra Boro 2012 Pricing of Urban Water Supply-A Literature Review
    8 Bankerlang Kharmylliem 2013 The Sustainable City-A Case Study of Domestic Water in Shillong
    9 Navin Kumar 2013 Evolution of the concept & classification of vulnerability in Climate Change research
    10 Tanmoy Das 2013 Resilience to Climate Change-Role of Rural Non Farm Sector (A case study of Pamphok Rural Village, Sikkim)
    11 Khurshid Alam Ahmad 2014 Corporate social responsibility: A case study of CSR implementation in Numaligarh Refinery Limited, Assam
    12 Parishmita Saikia 2014 Socio-economic conditions of tea labourers of Assam: A case study from Jorhat
    13 Abhinav Sharma 2018 Benefit Sharing of Trans-Boundary Water Resources: Case Study Analysis of Senegal and Mekong River Basin
    14 Bidyut Bikash Changmai 2018 Water diplomacy as a tool for transboundary cooperation: The Brahmaputra Basin
    15 Lopamudra Boruah 2018 Brahmaputra River Basin: Understanding the Role of Institutions