Course NoHS 128
Title Introduction to Psychology
DescriptionThe nature and history of psychology; Methods of psychology; Perceptual processes: Attention; Constancies and Illusion; Psychophysics – Classical Psychophysics & Signal Detectability; Learning: Thorndike; Classical Conditioning; Operant Conditioning; Cognitive Learning (Tolman, Kohler); Transfer of Learning; Memory: STM-LTM model, Forgetting -major theories; Emotion -major theories: James-Lange theory, Canon-Bard theory; Papez-MacLean theory; Lindsley’s activation theory; Schachter’s cognitive theory; Intelligence –major model; Measurement of abilities; Personality — Trait and Type approaches; Psychodynamic approach; Learning approaches/Social learning theory; Measurement of Personality; Genetic and environmental determinants of individual differences.
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Course References