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Applications are invited for faculty positions for IIT Guwahati in the following specializations:




Specialisations sought under various posts

Date of Interview  Last date for Submission of Application Last Interview held


Biosciences and Bioengineering 


To be announced  --

01st September 2019

Chemical Engineering 

Assistant Professor: Process Control; Petroleum Engineering.


Associate Professor: Colloid and Interface Science.


Professor: Optimization; Water and Energy Nexus; Molecular simulation of polymers and microporous materials.

24th April 2021

29th March 2021


28th September 2019

Associate Professor: Transition Metal and Metal free Catalysis, Peptide Chemistry, Bioactive Organochalcogens Chemistry.


ProfessorNucleic Acid & Peptide Chemistry, Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Quantum Computations in Chemistry.

12th June 2021 26th April 2021 31st August 2019
Computer Science and Engineering 


To be announced -- 07th September 2019
Civil Engineering 


To be announced -- 01st February 2020


To be announced -- 25th August 2019
Electronics and Electrical Engineering 


To be announced  -- 14th September 2019
Humanities and Social Sciences

Assistant Professor: Philosophy (all areas), Archaeology (all areas).




Psychology: Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Psychology of Trauma, Psychology of Well-being.


Economics: Political Economy, Development Economics, Economics of Health, Education and Labour Markets.


Sociology: Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Science and Technology.


Political Science: Comparative Politics and International Relations.


Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonology of Vowels and Tones, Tibeto-Burman Languages, Language Technology Development.

18th May 2021 4th April 2021 18th August 2019


Assistant Professor:(Exclusively for School of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence) Statistics, Applied Probability


Associate Professor:Matrix Theory, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Operator Theory, Optimal Stochastic Control, Probability  Theory and Stochastic Processes, Statistics, Theory of Computing, Algebraic Geometry.



ProfessorNumerical Analysis, Number Theory, Approximation Algorithms, Computer Networks.

05th June 2021 19th April 2021 17th August 2019
Mechanical Engineering





To be announced -- 21st September 2019




Associate Professor: 


Condensed Matter Theory: Quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated systems, Quantum simulations, Topological phase transitions, Non-linear dynamics, fluid turbulence.

Condensed Matter Experiment : Energy conversion and storage, catalysis, Graphene and other 2D materials.

High Energy Physics: Collider Phenomenology, perturbative QCD and precision calculations, Particle dark matter, origin of neutrino mass & baryon asymmetry, Nuclear and hadronic (chiral) Effective Field Theories.

Atomic, molecular and optical physics (Experiment): Laser cooling and trapping of atoms Cold and ultra-cold atoms and their applications in quantum computation and simulations. Atomic coherence, EIT and Magnetometry. Spectroscopy and frequency metrology of optical-atomic transitions.

Gravitation & Cosmology: Black hole thermodynamics, Quantum Field theory in curved spacetime, Hawking and Unruh effects.





Condensed Matter Experiment: Electroceramics (microwave, ferro & piezo) bio ceramics and their thin films. Semiconductors, strongly correlated electrons: spinel oxides.

Laser and Photonics: Pulsed Laser Ablation and Deposition, Laser-Plasma Interaction, Plasmonics.

Astrophysics: Accretion flows around astrophysical black holes.

High Energy Physics: Neutrino physics, Origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry, Dark matter phenomenology.


19th June 2021 03rd May 2021 24th August 2019

At least two reference letters from persons well acquainted with candidate's work are essential for external applicants for consideration of candidature. Candidates have to ensure that reference letters as above reach the Institute well before the date of interview for consideration of their application.  Tentative schedule of interviews for different departments is mentioned in the table above. 

Reference letters from the referees may be sent electronically to or to the address mentioned below:

Asst. Registrar (Faculty Affairs)
Ph : +91-361-2582189 / 2582059
Fax: +91-361-2690762
E-mail: rec [AT]


Minimum Qualifications:

Ph.D. with first class at the preceding degree or equivalent in the appropriate branch with a very good academic record. 


Professor: A minimum of 10 years of experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of Associate Professor in IITs, IIsc Bangalore, IIMs, NITIE Mumbai and IISERs or at an equivalent level in any such other Indian or foreign institution / institutions of comparable standards.

Associate Professor:  A minimum of 6 years of teaching / research / industrial experience of which at least 3 years should be at the level of Assistant Professor, Senior Scientific Officer / Senior Design Engineer.

Assistant Professor Gr I : At least 3 years of teaching / research / industrial experience, excluding however, the experience gained while pursuing Ph.D.

Assistant Professor on Gr II :   This is not a regular cadre of the Institute. Ph.D. without adequate experience are eligible for the post of Assistant Professor on contract basis.

Professor of an Institute of national importance who is on the verge of retirement or who has recently retired may also apply for a contract appointment.
Minimum requirements of qualification and/or experience may be relaxed in respect of exceptionally outstanding candidates.


Note:The policy of Govt. of India on reservation of faculty positions as applicable to IITs, will apply.

Hard copy ( off-line ) of application is not acceptable  .

Please submit application online here