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29 Prof. Subhendu Sekhar Bag A Cost Effective Strategy and Prototype Development For Community Wastewater Treatment & Reuse In Farmers Field Newgen IEDC, DST, Government of India 2.5 2022-23 Ongoing
28. Prof. Utpal Bora Technology development of vinegar production from indigenous fruits Leteku (Baccaurea motleyana), Kordoi (Averrhoa carambola), Poniyal (Flacourtia jangomas) of Assam (xENVSPNASEC00534xxUB012) ASTEC 6.16 2022-24 Ongoing
27. Dr. Lalit Mohan Pandey Bio-surfactant mediated enhanced oil recovery for Assam oil reservoirs. (xENVSPNxDBT00993xLMP007) DBT 36.4


26. Prof. Tamal Banerjee Sustainable, Biodegradable and Affordable Substitutes for Single use Plastic using Castor Oil and Stubble Aggregate (xENVSPNxDST00617xxTB010). (Fund shared with IISC Bangalore and ICT Mumbai,Jalna) DST 150 2021-24 Ongoing
25. Prof. M. K. Purkait Development of Solar power driven water treatment plant  Govt of Assam 41.4 2020-2021  Ongoing

Prof. M. K. Purkait

Prototype development for catechins extraction and production of low cost antioxidant tablets and capsules

Indian National Academy of Engineering 


57 2020-2023 Ongoing
23. Prof. M. K. Purkait (IITG),Prof. J Bellare (IITB) ,Prof. Arindam Sarkar (IITB) and Prof. Dr Jie Zhang (Monash University, Australia) Development of catalysts  and a prototype device for conversion of CO2 to fuels/chemicals DST


2020-2023 Ongoing
22. Prof. B. R. Sudireddy (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, )Prof S De (IIT KGP),Prof M K Purkait (IITG) and Prof. S Ghosh (CGCRI)

Functionalized membranes for efficient wastewatertreatment and food processing

Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse,Denmark

286.272 kr (DKK) 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2021 Ongoing
21 Prof. Chandan Das (PI) & Prof. Ajay K. Manna (Co -PI) "Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous medium by biochar adsorbent prepared from bio-sludge of Indian Standard Natural Rubber plant in Tripura" xENVSPNxDBT00673xxCD004 DBT   31/12/2019 to 31/12/2021 Ongoing
20. Prof.  M K Purkait (IITG) and Prof. B Chakraborty (Assam Engineering College Development of House Hold Prototype for the Treatment of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water MHRD


01/01/2019 to 31/12/2020 Ongoing
19. Prof. Mihir Kumar Purkait Characterization of water samples for drinking purpose. Power Grid corporation of India 0.2478 2018 Ongoing
18. Dr. Lalit M Pandey, Dr. Animes Kr. Golder & Dr. K.H. Aaron Lau, University of Strathclyde, Glassgow, UK An Advanced Integrated Process for the treatment of Sewage Plant effluent Using Bio-Based Antimicrobial Metal Biosorbent and Photocatalytic Nanocomposite materials. Indo-UK 11.86 2018-20 Ongoing

Prof. Utpal Bora [Dr. Jintu Dutta (NPDF)]


Reduction of Phosphorus fertilizer in soil for cultivation of vegetable crops in agro-climatic regions in Northeast India. SERB 19.20 2018-20 Ongoing
16. Dr. Chivukula V. Sastri (PI) & Dr Samuel de Visser, University of Manchester (Co-PI) Bioinspired green catalysts for water purification DST-UKIERI 5.88 2018-20 Ongoing
15. Prof. Kannan Pakshirajan (Dr. Siddhartha Narayan Borah, RA) Microbial recovery and synthesis of elemental Selenium and Selenium based Nanomaterials from wastewater for Biotechnological Applications DBT 4.82 2017-19 Ongoing
14. Prof. Kannan Pakshirajan (PI) & Prof. G. Pugazhenthi(Co-PI) A novel membrane assisted bioprocess for heavy metal removal and recovery as nano powders from acid mine drainage. CSIR 27.5 2017-20 Ongoing
13. Prof. Kannan Pakshirajan (PI) & Prof. G. Pugazhenthi(Co-PI), Dr. Ajaikumar B. Kunnumakkara (Co-PI) Novel biological treatment process for water recycle-reuse and energy conservation in refinery industry DST 42.75 2017-20 Ongoing
12. Prof. Kaustubha Mohanty (PI) & Dr. Senthilmurugan S (Co-PI) Development of ceramic membrane based process for treatment and recycling of textile effluent towards Zero discharge concept. DST 42.06 2016-19 Ongoing
11. Prof. Utpal Bora Whole genome sequencing and functional genomics of golden silk moth Antheraea Assamensis Central Silk Board 3.3 2014-17 Ongoing

Prof. Ramagopal Uppaluri (PI) & Dr. Animes K Golder(Co-PI), Prof. P K Ghosh (Co-PI) 

Development of low cost chitosan based crosslinked resins for the recovery and removal of palladium from synthetic and spent electroless plating solutions , ENV/P/RGU/06

CSIR 19 2015-18 Ongoing
9. Prof. Utpal Bora (PI)

Aptamer probes for detection of celiac disease epitopes of gluten in commercial varieties of Indian wheat , rye and barley

DBT 80.354 2014-17 Completed
8. Prof. Utpal Bora (PI) Exploration and characterization of Seri-bioresources of North East India for potential textile and non-textile applications DBT 154.54 2014-17 Completed

Dr. RanjanTamuli (PI) and Prof. Utpal Bora (Co-PI)

Molecular investigation of epigenetic modifications caused by environmental pollution using Neurospora crassa as a model system






Prof. A.K Ghoshal

Assessment of microbial communities and their biodegradation potentials in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated environments in Assam



3 yrs



Prof. Utpal Bora, Dr. Ranjan Tamuli, Prof. Chandan Mahanta

Establishment of Institutional Biotech Hubs by DBT under special programme for N.E states of India






Prof. V. K. Dubey (PI),  Dr. Anil Verma (Co-PI)

Variations in proteome profile of legume plants in response to heavy metal toxicity






Prof. M.K.Purkait

Treatment of contaminated drinking water using
electrocoagulation technique

DRL, Tezpur (DRDO)


3 yrs



Prof. A. K Ghoshal

Petroleum Wastewater treatment in packed Bed reactor using suitable Microorganism(s)



3 yrs



Prof. Gopal Das

“Synthesis, Characterization of Metal Oxides and Their Application to Wastewater Treatment”



3 yrs