Sl No

Name of Project Investigator

Title of the Consultancy

Funding agency

Amt (Rupees)

Status/ Year

14.. Prof. Tamal Banerjee Conversion of Wood Chips to Wood Alcohol (2021) Sheenlac Paints,Chennai 5,00000.00 2021
13. Prof. Subhendu Sekhar Bag (PI) Research Consultancy Service-Petrographic Analysis, Silt Load and silt content analysis in water from Dikshi Hydroelectric Project Devi Energies Pvt. Ltd. 46,020.00 2021
12. Prof. Subhendu Sekhar Bag (PI) An Assessment on carrying capacity/impact on Environment of Sanganeriya Textile Industry. Sanganeriya Textile Industry 122720.00 2021
11 Dr. Deepmoni Deka (xENVCNLEAST00406xxDD001) Testing of two Kulsi River water samples East mojo 8880.00 2019
10. Prof. Mihir Kumar Purkait (PI) Treatment of Membrane Reject by using Polymeric Surface Active Agent (SAA) Tata Steel, Jamshedpur 14,04,000.00 2018-2020
9. Prof. Mihir Kumar Purkait (PI), Dr. Deepmoni Deka (Co-PI) Testing of water filters candles M/S Hamilton Houseware Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai 50320.00 2018
8. Prof. Mihir Kumar Purkait (PI) Electrocoagulation techniques for the treatment of rejected stream of Nanofiltration. Tata Steel Limited 12,44,700.00 2018-Ongoing
7. Prof. Utpal Bora (PI), Prof. Mrinal Kanti Dutta & Dr. Karuna Kalita(Co-PI) Socio-economic impact accessment of few selected programmes/projects/schemes implemented by CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat 2,70,000.00 Completed 2016-2017
6. Dr. Senthilmurugan S

Development and performance validation of a MF membrane based air purifier

Eureka Forbes 14,82,120.00 Ongoing
5. Dr. Senthilmurugan S Development of pre-filter for arsenic removal and osmotic based membrane regeneration technique for high recovery (~70%) RO water purifier. Eureka Forbes Limited, Bangalore 12,33,150.00 Ongoing/ 2016-17
4. Prof. Gopal Das and         
Dr. Deepmoni Deka.
Suitability studies for compost produce from Municipal Solid Waste in Shillong, Meghalaya” M/s Mott Mac Donald Pvt Ltd, Shillong   40,449.00 Completed
3. Prof. Chandan Mahanta GIS-MIS integrated disaster vulnerability information system. Revenue and disaster management deptt, Assam. 1,37,500.00 Completed
2. Prof. Mohammad Jawed Technical opinion on Suitability of Water Samples for Construction Purposes Carbon Ltd. Guwahati 16,800.00 Completed
1. Prof. Mohammad Jawed and                     
Dr. Sharad Gokhale
Technical opinion related with Main Stack and Gas Cleaning System of India. Carbon Ltd. Guwahati 43,774.00 Completed