Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Program

IIT Guwahati has consistently strived to take on a leadership role in academia, constantly diversifying and enriching its academic programs. The launch of the BTech in DS&AI program in 2021 exemplifies this commitment, as it recognizes the rapid advancements in AI and the profound societal impact resulting from its progress. This program has been designed in collaboration with academic advisors from the Mehta Family Foundation Care, USA with the purpose of cultivating a new generation of DS&AI engineers who will be at the forefront of the AI-aided revolution shaping this century. By equipping students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Guwahati aims to empower them to be key contributors to the transformative potential of AI across various industries and domains.

School Courses

Course Categorization

Hands-on Lab Courses

Area Course Name
Fundamental Science & Engineering Chemistry, Physics, Engineering Drawing, Basic Electronics, Mechanical Workshop
Fundamentals of Computing Computing with C, Data Structures
Hands-on Data Science Introduction to Data Science with R, Python Programming, Introduction to AI, Database Management Systems
Advanced Hands-on Data Science Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization
Device Networking Internet of Things (IoT) Lab
Advanced Sciences Bioinformatics Lab

Elective Courses

The students will also get an opportunity to pursue additional courses by choosing from the large pool of courses offered in various departments across the institute. See here for more information.

The BTech ordinance can be accessed here.