The amount of Data that is generated today worldwide is exploding through various commercial, financial, medical, academic, social and scientific activities. All human activities today continue to fuel this exponential growth of large pools of Data. Data science is a newly emerging inter-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from both structured and unstructured data. The discipline of artificial intelligence involves in integrating knowledge into programs that can handle data and solve complex problems in way human thinks and approaches to the problem. In today’s context, the expertise in the domain of data science and artificial intelligence is in great demand. Lot of opportunities exists in these emerging domains. Setup with support from Mehta Family Foundation, the objective of this Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is to become a vibrant center of activities in these domains and through its undergraduate and post graduate programs, contribute in shaping a pool of highly qualified professionals in this emerging field. Another objective of the school is to become a hub of research activities in these areas and establish a platform for collaboration of industry and academia.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as a place of academic excellence by imparting quality teaching, carrying out research and technology development in frontier areas of data science and knowledge engineering. We envisage to become a globally recognized entity by adopting interdisciplinary approach to research with contributions from the fields of computer science, web science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics.



  • To produce undergraduate and postgraduate students in data science and knowledge engineering having strong theoretical foundation, good skills in program development and exposure to research and development.

  • To produce researchers who can provide solution to different challenging research problems, both theoretical and applied, and make original contributions.

  • To be a place for innovation and technology development in frontier areas of data science and knowledge engineering.


Overview of B. Tech Program

The field of data science and knowledge engineering comes with several challenges, such as the development of methods, algorithms for handling data and ultimately computer programs for making reliable inferences from heterogeneous data. The B. Tech program in data science and knowledge engineering will provide necessary foundation for taking up these challenging tasks and equip them with knowledge of necessary tools to solve real life problems. Apart from the core courses from the basic sciences, humanities and engineering discipline, the undergraduate students in this program will have specialized courses covering the following domains:


  • Mathematical and statistical foundations for data science

  • Data structures and algorithms

  • Programming languages (Python and R)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Networks and Distributed Computing

  • Information security and privacy

  • Classification techniques

  • Big data and analytics

  • Data warehousing and Cloud computing


Well planned laboratory courses will supplement the theoretical knowledge gained by the students. Both short and long term project works will help students solving real life problems.


PhD Program and research

PhD and research program in data science and knowledge engineering aims to provide expertise in modeling and understanding of data, analysis and development of scalable computational approaches for integrating and enriching data, application of artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches for analyzing data and design of systems that can store and process vast amounts of Data. Research program will also target development of new and improved applications for different domains.


Industrial Collaboration and outreach activities

The data science industry is growing at a rapid rate. The analytics market in the country is forecasted to grow steadily and India is a major exporter of analytics. Data scientist as a career is very much in demand globally and the Department will not only be able to contribute qualified professionals for the industry, the faculty members will also be able to work in close association with the industry and with help of research scholars they will be able to provide solutions to industry specific problems.