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Advent of multimedia communication over internet makes huge scope for the technologies like video on demand, digital television, digital versatile disks etc. The performance of these modern technologies depend not only on efficient video communication but corresponding security issues. Unfortunately digital piracy, video forgeries are increasing threats over the video communication technologies.

Digital video watermarking is a technique which inserts a digital signature into the video stream which can be extracted or computed to authenticate the ownership of the media or the media itself. One of the challenging issue for video watermarking is robustness against different types of attacks without degrading visual quality. In very low bit rate video, since the differential coefficients are very sparse, finding suitable watermarking zone is a challenging task. The spatio-temporal analysis for searching suitable watermarking zone become more accurate within a video shot since inter-frame correlation is high within a shot. Currently, a object based watermarking within a video shot is proposed to resist geometric attacks. The object with motion is detected in compressed domain and watermark is inserted to that object for this purpose