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Sangnak Vigyan Ayvam Abhiyangkriki Vibhag
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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Summer Internship 2020

(Please read the information below carefully before proceeding)

As of now due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we can not conduct the Summer Internships in the Department. We will review once the situation becomes normal. Please visit this page for all future updates in this regards. Thank you!

Deadline for online applications: 31stMarch 2020

Duration of the Summer Internship: 15th May to 15th July, 2020 To be decided

Procedure for Collaborative Research

[This Collaborative Research is only for the interns coming from any TEQIP Mapped Institutions]

  • Interested Teacher/Student from TEQIP Institution should figure out faculty member of mutual interest for concerning department of IITG.
  • Interested Teacher/Student should approach to the concerned IITG faculty member mentioning that she/he is interested from collaborative research [Summer/Winter Internship for UG/PG students, UG/PG Project, Joint PhD/MTech Guidance, Collaborative Research Project] along with consent letter dully signed by the TEQIP Coordinator and Head of the parent institution.
  • IITG faculty member should submit dully filled Form 1.2 (jointly prepared by the applicant) to CET, IITG.

For any clarifications or queries, please email us at the following address :

internships.cse @ iitg.ac.in

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