Pre-requisites : CS331, CS561

Syllabus :
Language Processing: Computational Phonology: Issues, Phonological rules, Mapping text to phones, Prosody in TTS, Probabilistic models of pronunciation and Spelling, N-Grams. Syntax: Word classes and POS tagging, CFG for English, Lexicalized and Probabilistic Parsing. Semantics: Semantic representation, Semantic and Lexical analysis and Word sense disambiguation, IR. Pragmatics: Discourse, Dialogue agents, Natural Language Generation and Machine translation. Machine Learning: Data Mining: Association rules, Clustering, Decision Trees. Text Mining. Synergetic techniques: Genetic algorithms and ANN techniques for machine learning. Applications to bioinformatics. Intelligent Interfaces: Incorporating Intelligence: Requirements, design issues. Applications: Development of Intelligent interfaces for systems - Stand-alone systems like OS, Databases, Physical machines including robots. Web based applications like Tutoring systems, Web Mining, e-shopping.

Texts :

References :
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