Pre-requisites : NIL

Syllabus :
Information theory Fundamentals: Error Correcting Codes: Mathematical Preliminaries Linear Block Codes Cyclic Codes BCH Codes Arithmetic Codes Convolutional Codes Unidirectional Error Correcting Codes Applications of Error Correcting Codes. Cryptography: Cryptographic techniques Mathematical Preliminaries Symmetric Key cryptography Block Cipher and Stream Cipher Public Key Cryptography Attacks Message Authentication: Digital signatures, MD5, SHA etc. Key Exchange Schemes E-cash/Money. Data Compression: Compression Techniques Mathematical Preliminaries Hoffman Coding Arithmetic Coding Dictionary Techniques Static Dictionary, Adaptive Dictionary Lossless Image Compression Scalar and Vector Quantization Differential Encoding MPEG JPEG Video Compression

Texts :
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(Full text available at http://www-ee.stanford.edu/~gray/it.pdf)