Pre-requisites : Nil

Syllabus :
Modular Arithmetic: Solving Modular Linear Equations, the Chinese Remainder Theorem, Modular Exponentiation, and Discrete Logarithm Problem GCD Computation: Euclid's Algorithm, Extended Euclid's Algorithm Key Exchange: Diffie Hellman, ElGamal, Massey-Omura, Computation of Generators of Primes Public Key Cryptosystem: RSA, Different Attacks & Remedies Primality Testing: Pseudoprimality Testing, Quadratic Residues, Randomized Primality Test & Deterministic Polynomial Time Algorithm Factorization: Quadratic-Sieve Factoring Algorithm, Pollard-Rho Method Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem: Theory of Elliptic Curves, Elliptic Curve Encryption & Decryption Algorithms, Security of Elliptic Curves Cryptography, Elliptic Curve Factorization Cryptographic Hash Functions: MD5 Message Digest Algorithm, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1), Security of Hash Functions & Birthday Attack Digital Signatures: Authentication Protocols, Digital Signature Standards (DSS).

Texts :
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2. Neal Koblitz, A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography, Springer-Verlag, New York, May 2001.

References :
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