Course Code: CS666
Course Name: Mobile Robotics
Prerequisites: NIL
Syllabus: Introduction to Mobile robot architectures, Control Paradigms, Sensors and actuators. Learning Approaches for robots. Navigation Strategies, Detecting and handling Novelty. Behavior-based robotics, AlE and their application to robots. Case studies of learning robots, Laboratory sessions will include study and implementations of the above methodologies using real robots.
Texts: 1. U. Nehmzow, Mobile Robotics - A Practical Introduction, 2nd Ed, Springer, 2003.
2. L. N. de Castro and J. Timmis, Artificial Immune Systems: A New Computational Intelligence Approach, Springer, 2002.
3. D. Dasgupta, Artificial Immune Systems and Their Applications, Springer, 1999.
4. R. C. Arkin, Behaviour Based Robotics, MlT Press, 1998.