Course Code: CS552
Course Name: Internet Protocols
Prerequisites: CS348 or equivalent
Syllabus: Overview of IPv4, TCP, IPv6, ICMP, ARP, DHCP; Routing Protocols: OSPF, RIP, BGP, Ad hoc network routing (AODV, DSR); IP Security: NAT, IPSEC, Socks, SSL; Quality of Service related protocols: Intserv, diffserv, Queuing techniques (WFQ, RED, etc.); Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and GMPLS; Virtual Private Network (VPN) Protocols: L2TP, PPTP; Overview of Application Layer Protocols: DNS, LDAP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, SNMP; Voice over IP Protocols (VOIP) and videoconferencing: SIP, H323. Server Load Balancing Techniques.
Texts: 1. Adolfo Rodriguez, et. al, TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview, IBM Redbook, available online at, 2001.
References: 1. Charles. M.Kozierek, TCP/IP Guide, Shroff Publishers, Mumbai, 2005.
2. Uyless Black, MPLS and Label Switching Networks, Pearson Education (LPE), 2002.
3. Request for Comments (RFC) from