Course Code: CS550
Course Name: Mobile Computing
Prerequisites: NIL
Syllabus: Introduction: Ubiquitous computing versus virtual reality, Software models for mobile computing. Data Management Issues. Distributed Algorithms & Mobility. Publishing & Accessing Data in Air: Pull and Push Based Data Transfers, Data Dissemination by Broadcast, Treating Air as Cache, Energy Efficient Indexing in Air. Handoff Management: detection, failures, channel assignments. Location Management: Two-tier HLR-VLR scheme, Mobile IP, hierarchical tree based scheme, regional directories, distributed location management. The Approximate Query Processing Concept: hierarchy, summary database, updates and view maintenance. Mobile Transaction Models. Technological Perspectives: 1-G, 2-G and 3-G network and services, the Internet, mobile computing and cellular telephony, voice and data services on 3G networks, battery problem and power dissipation, low energy processors. File System Support for Mobile Computing: Coda, Bayou Ad hoc Network Routing Protocols: DSDV, GSR, FSR, DSR, AODV
Texts: 1. T Imielinski. (Ed.) Mobile Computing. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston.1996.
2. C E Perkins. Ad Hoc Networking. Addison Wesley. 2000.
3. Research papers.