Course Code: CS542
Course Name: Distributed Systems
Prerequisites: CS341
Syllabus: Introduction to distributed computing models. Issues in distribution of data and control: Clock synchronization, agreement, deadlock detection, termination detection etc. Distributed file servers: Concurrency control and recovery, resiliency etc. Distributed programming environments: Communication primitives, selected case studies. (Note: Some topics may be added/deleted to suit specific offerings of the course)
Texts: 1. G. F. Coulouris, J. Dollimore and T. Kindberg, Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design, 4th Ed, Addison-Wesley, 2005.
References: 1. S. Mullender (Ed), Distributed Systems, 2nd Ed, Addison-Wesley, 1994.
2. M. Singhal and N. Shivratri, Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems, McGraw Hill, 1994.
3. Selected research papers.