Course Code: CS535
Course Name: Hardware Security
Prerequisites: Computer Architecture Course at UG level (CS223 or equivalent)
Mathematical foundations for cryptography: public and private key cryptography, elliptic curve cryptography; introduction to embedded systems security. Hardware Security Primitives: cryptographic hardware and their implementation; Physically Unclonable Functions, implementations, quality evaluation. Side-channel Attacks: side channel attacks on control units, functional units, caches and interconnects; design techniques to prevent side-channel attacks. Hardware trojans: nomenclature and operating modes, behavioral aspects, performance issues; countermeasures; design and manufacturing techniques to prevent and detect hardware trojans. Secure digital design and manufacturing practices: Hardware Intellectual Property (IP) piracy and IC Piracy, design techniques to prevent IP and IC piracy. Micro-architectural and SoC level attacks and countermeasures: Secure design of multicore processors, caches, Network-on-Chip, I/O ports and interfaces. Case studies: analysis and implementation of recent hardware security papers from top conferences and journals.
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