Course Code: CS530
Course Name: Machine Learning using Cloud Computing


With the explosion of data and increase in demand for understanding data using machine learning techniques, traditional machine learning solutions are embracing cloud based solutions to meet large scale data and computing needs. This course attempts to augment the present theoretical treatment of machine learning models in the context of advanced cloud based implementations.

Course contents:

Introduction: principles of cloud computing systems, cloud architectures, service models;

Cloud architectures and service platform: cloud architecture and infrastructure design, dynamic deployment, various cloud service examples;

Introduction to Machine Learning: supervised learning methods, unsupervised learning methods, introduction to deep learning models.

Life cycle: data storage, data cleaning, data transformation, model training, model testing, model deployment and integration, model monitoring and feedback;

Cloud programming with Spark: understanding resilent distributed dataset (RDD), Spark MLlib;

TensorFlow: Declaring tensors, place holders and variables, working with matrices, declaring operations, data sources, implementing loss functions, batch training.


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