Course Code: CS528
Course Name: High Performance Computing
Prerequisites: CS 222 Computer Organization and Architecture or equivalent
Syllabus: Parallel Processing Concepts; Levels and model of parallelism: instruction, transaction, task, thread, memory, function, data flow models, demand-driven computation; Parallel architectures: superscalar architectures, multi-core, multi-threaded, server and cloud; Fundamental design issues in HPC: Load balancing, scheduling, synchronization and resource management; Operating systems for scalable HPC; Parallel languages and programming environments; OpenMP, Pthread, MPI, java, Cilk; Performance analysis of parallel algorithms; Fundamental limitations in HPC: bandwidth, latency and latency hiding techniques; Benchmarking HPC: scientific, engineering, commercial applications and workloads; Scalable storage systems: RAID, SSD cache, SAS, SAN; HPC based on cluster, cloud, and grid computing: economic model, infrastructure, platform, computation as service; Accelerated HPC: architecture, programming and typical accelerated system with GPU, FPGA, Xeon Phi, Cell BE; Power-aware HPC Design: computing and communication, processing, memory design, interconnect design, power management; Advanced topics: peta scale computing; big data processing, optics in HPC, quantum computers.

HPC programming assignments: Hands on experiment and programming on parallel machine and HPC cluster using Pthread, OpenMP, MPI, Nvidia Cuda and Cilk. Also there will be some hands on experiments on standard multiprocessor simulator or cloud simulator.
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2. Vipin Kumar , Ananth Grama , Anshul Gupta , George Karypis. Introduction to Parallel Computing (2nd ed.). Pearson India . 2003.
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